Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Loire to Loire

White Wine

Sancerre 1999, Pascal Jolivet
I recently stumbled upon a 99 from Jolivet and as the 2002 was one of my favorite wines from the past year, i was intrigued as to how it held up. The 02 is classic, toe curling acidity, grassy and mineral. Consumately rich and ripe. Manon and i drank the 99 with a grilled halibut steak served with a pineapple, melon and cucumber salsa. The verdict... would have preferred the 02 with it's aromatique punch. What to do with the 99... mussels.
rating: getting tired

Quick sips
La Segreta 2002, Planeta: A $17 sicilian cocktail of Greccanico, Viogner and Semillon offer consistently one of the better bargains in the domaine of white wine. While the red dissappoints, the white shines.

Vouvray 2002, Riche, Marc Brédif consistently one of my low price faves. The 02 has 17g of residual sugar and already has that mushroomy aromatique quality of aged chenin.Great for cheese and a complicated seafood dish

Red Wines

Sancerre 2001, Domaine Vacheron
An incredible pinot noir from the Loire. This isn't the limpid little pinot that i have usually encountered outside of Burgundy. A mass of fruit, a phenomenal amplitude and a caressing texture culminate in a joyful wow... only great Pinot can do this. I can't wait to try La Belle Dame, his grand cuvée.
rating: grand

Quick sips
Gevrey-Chambertin 2000, Clos St-Jacques, Sylvie Esmonin: The Vacheron Pinot brought back memories of Miss Esmonins Vieille Vignes,, a fantastic bargain. The Clos is it's antithesis, tightly wound, a mass of acidity, a couple of hours in a caraffe is recommended... we'll see in a few years

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