Thursday, May 06, 2004

What to drink with a boiled Lobster?

Hey friends, let’s get interactive. The lobster season is now upon us and I would love to get some feedback on your best and most favorite lobster bevy. I am going to try and lobster once a week while they are cheap…. Maybe twice a week now that I am lamed up with a broken rib and I can no longer seek comfort in cigarettes. Mt first effort was the Pinot Blanc 2002, Fougeray de Beauclair (see crabfest post below for details). It was interesting as it showed more of itself against the blander meat of the lobster while with the snowcrab, it was more subdued. Even the occasional dab in the garlic butter didn’t seem to deter it’s freshness and subtle sweetness from invigorating the palette. Anyways, next week I am going to try the 2002 Sancerre from Jolivet. Happy lobstering.

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