Monday, May 01, 2006

Spring Garden Update and a Rosé Testing Ground
Global Warming or Ma' Nature's Pity?

For my regular readers (300 or so of you per day...thanks!), I must warn you that I tend to post a little less during the summer months. We northern types get 4 months or so of warm weather, so the idea of wasting precious rays on hyperbole and pontification, even on something SO DAMNED IMPORTANT as wine, is well, just that.

But I am not just drunk and laying about on the beach. My aspirations of gentleman farmership and wannabee great chefiness are both tied to the success of my 3000 sq. foot organically enriched vegetable garden. A bit of sweat is required to keep the gnomes happy. So in an effort to keep the blog current as the temperature rises, I hereby declare the start of a brand new feature on the Caveman... Garden Rosé Tasting. Starting next week, and hopefully at least once a week throughout the summer, a pinky will be sampled while seeding, inspecting for evil bugs, watering and weeding. Let's call it Bill's Buco-holic summer adventure! And like always, all you locals are more than welcome to join me in the tasting (and in yanking a weed or two).

So to lay the groundwork for this new feature, here are the three plateaus as they are today, tilled and half-seeded. It must be noted that that this is by two weeks the earliest that I have been able to work the earth (zone 4B), even more shocking considering that this was the snowiest winter of the last 20 years. Is it global warming or has Mother Nature answered my prayers by liberating me from my dependance on the supermarket?


sassy said...

fellow caveman readers,
Never had the pleasure of seeing bil's vegetable patch person? Take it from me — his advice on wine is nearly as valuable as his counsel on whether or not it's too early to put in the beets. His appreciation of terroir isn't just a wine thing, check out those terraces.
The peas are in, my garden guru!

Trish said...

With the warmer weather, all I can think about is a glass of rose and a comfy seat on the porch. We're jonesing for a new go-to pink for the summer, so I'll be looking forward to suggestions.


ann said...

i have a nose for rose (so to speak) i can always find one that satisfys, espeically since the local wine store stocks my favorite
it's an italian and the label has a picture of the etrucan sculpture called "the man in the big hat" (i can't remember the exact name)
but what i'm REALLY in need of is a garden, any chance you can transplant that down to NYC caveman?

caveman said...

thanks sarah...i got my snowpeas in but shellers and sugar snaps have to wait till it's new home dries up a bit more...(another blog mentioned how much they would love to have an editor...i kept quiet)..

Trish..and I look forward to much pink to drink, I can't wait to get started..

And ann.. I figured you would be a rosé fan...get the name of the wine..I love carpineto's rosé. year in and year out.