Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Befuddlement
3 Mysteries to Begin my Working Week

#1. Vin de Table, Nature, Marc Pesnot ($20…importation)
Calling all Natural Wine-meisters, I need some more info. What Rezin refers to as the Chapeau Melon comes from Muscadet, is made with Muscadet, but drinks like some far-removed cousin. It is rich, with a hint of sweetness on the finish. The slight 'perlance' is gone after the second sip, it tastes of appeloup, and the red kind at that, with a hint of lemon cream. There is a touch of minerality as well as a hint of scotch, which is expected with a no sulfite wine. No millisème, and except for some heresay about an evening of maceration carbonic, I know nothing. I have already drunk 4 bottles so let me know before they are all gone.

#2. Mark Kramer and the Wine Spec (page 100)
I picked up the Wine of Year issue to research a future post and noticed an article about WS columnist Mr. Kramer espousing Natural Wines and Biodynamics. Comparing the manipulated wines of modernity with a babe who has had too much plastic surgery, and thus becomes painful to look at, Mr. Kramer makes an argument for ‘ ‘real’ ‘wines (extra parenthesis courtesy of WS). Aside from giving exposure to possibly my favorite wine, Deiss’ Schoennenbourg, Mr. Kramer understands the underpinnings of the argument against the overmanipulation of the juice. Maybe there is a ray of hope, but I am still in shock.

#3. Wine of the Year
The only 100 point wine on the list was the Yquem… why did it finish 10th? Am I missing something?

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Jameson said...

I believe the WS chooses its Top 100 based on a combo of points, bang for the buck, and probably some WOW factor. The 96pt Insignia for the price is deemed better than the 100pt Yquem. It's kind of silly, but so is the Speculator.