Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The New Cuvée Marie

Just a quick note for all you white wine sharpies, I tried, um…drank, the 2004 version of the Cuvée Marie yesterday. After last years debacle where the SAQ (assholes) decided to pull the bottle off the shelves due to a slight tartaric acid deposit (ooooh my bottle is dirty), it is a welcomed return.

Very few whites at this price have the aging capacity of this Jurançon Sec, indeed I am still drinking my 1999 and 2000 vintages. The Marie is made with 90% Gros Manseng and 10% Corbu and aged in mostly old wood for 11 months. Manseng brings the structure, a bracing acidity, while the Corbu imparts the finesse. I have always found the acidity in new vintages a touch excessive, so if you insist on drinking from the shelves, give it at least 3-4 hours in carafe. But buyer beware, drinking this stuff will be detrimental to your Chardonnay habit!

Jurançon Sec, Cuvée Marie 2004, Charles Hours ($24.85....saq)
The 2004 has heady aromas of white clover, honeysuckle and juniper berries, but is lacking the nutty oxidative notes of aged Jurançon (maybe I should give it some electrolysis). It is also a touch fruitier than the 02 with notes of fig and lychee, and a touch of sweet spice. Length and elegance as well as an exceptional balance between acidity and richness, this is the perfect wine for all that is spicey…Indian buffets, steak tartare, and even Maggie’s tacos puercos.


Lenn said...

They REALLY pulled last years because of THAT?


Beau said...

Sad that. I'm sure Barbie & My Little Pony would have loved handmade tartaric acid crystal necklaces.

I love the pic. Mind if I post it on Vino Voyeur?

Jameson said...

You might also like the 2004 Domaine des Cassagnoles Gros Manseng Reserve; it retails for about 11 bucks (!) and has nice richness and acidity.

g58 said...

Hey, did you see some of the Jurançon reduced for the SAQ sale? After reading your post, I was inspired to try some (for the first time) and I ended with a Bellegarde. In my Beaubien frenzy, I didn't get the sec I thought I was getting -- which I see both you and Michel Phaneuf thoroughly recommend.