Monday, February 27, 2006

Touch me Cinderella

Like father, like son, always there for a good story.

Touraine 2004, Cendrillon, Domaine de la Garrelière ($24...saq)

Like its namesake, this ‘cendrillon’ is as easy to drink as the fairy tale is to read. A unique mix of 85% Sauvignon with equal parts Chardonnay and Chenin, of which a part touches wood, this is a Bio-dynamically grown wine that is both pure and uncontrived. Floral notes of sweet lime and a hint of ripe apple and white pepper fill the glass, giving way to a magnificent mix of creamy citron zest and a touch of more typical Loire grass. It has a warm summer evening approachability to it, with just the right mix of acidity and mellowed richness.

It went down all too imperceptibly with a classic caveman family dinner item; broiled roulades of Atlantic salmon, served atop cucumber spaghettini, and a slightly curried tamari, lime ginger dipping sauce. Roasted asparagus and red peppers were on the side, seasoned with a touch of olive oil, lime and black pepper. And yes nancy, lots of rice too.


Jameson said...

Atlantic salmon? (Groan.) I wish I had the means to fly you some Copper River salmon in season. Dish sounds great, though, and a fine wine choice.

caveman said...

i would loveto do a salmon off with ya...