Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Whine, and Food (Blogs)

I did a little web cruising yesterday and came across Waiter Rant, a Gestalt type therapy site dedicated to those of us who peddle food and wine for a living. Everyone seems to have their bitch. While I pride myself in my ‘aggressively passive’ non- judgemental character, I too have a beef.

Dear Client,
You are not special because you drink wine. Nobody cares what you have drunk, how many vintages of crappy super-tuscans you have in your cellar, or the last time that you drank a bottle under $25 retail. Dissapointed because we don’t carry your ‘favorite’ champagne? Fuck you. You are 35 and if your exceptionally refined palette cannot be satisfied with either a 1995 Dom Perignon or a 96 Belle Epoque, then, well, fuck off. People are starving around the corner from your house. Wine is not a lifestyle beverage. You are not what you drink. Wine was made to be drunk and enjoyed with food, not to allow you to compensate for your complete lack of personality. And if after all those fabulous bottles you still insist on ordering that Gigondas with your scallops, then please let me go so I can help another client who understands what this is really all about. That we are lucky as shit.

So my intention was to talk about the wealth of incredible food blogs that are out there in the blogosphere. If you want an excellent short list, click on over to Basic Juice and do the sommelier challenge, ‘cuz that too is what it is all about.

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